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Discussion in 'Trash Bin' started by shenaucjjl, Jul 17, 2013.

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    distinction sci-fi and reality? Sci-fi is much more credible. let's consider the implications on our curriculum? What curriculum? Content can will no longer really do the focus order thinking and communication should be. I worry less towards the technology abilities of scholars etc regarding capacity to use with responsibility, with understanding, with critical evaluation. I not able to ready them on the tech. that is designed to exist. But came across ready them towards the believing the way they might need.
    Students from my school, ISBangkok, gave the most important ever student keynote address. Clearly, she was incredible, talking with just what way of dont Global Citizen. She stressed it required higher than being a worldwide student, plus also needed extracting obstacles which one can find between ethnicities in the worldwide school and putting common experience to all of. She compared her journey towards global citizenry to exploration towards New Atlantis. A " new world " of worldwide awareness and also fixing global issues.
    Not without intent, this brought well inside the keynote speaker JeanFrancois Rischard who spoke about subjects from his book High Noon: 20 global problems as well as a decades to respond to them. He spoke to global points that ought to dealt with And is Worked alongside, but require systemic modifications to the style earth can approach them. While his outlook appeared bleak, his solutions were possible only world leaders would listen. Sometimes, I question whether world experts will get together and start to create solutions and not using a world leaders benefits.
    Hard part at the moment would be selecting which session to attend when multiple periods happen simultaneously. I'll make an effort to blog a few several ideas that emerge from this conference, much like me certain Shaun Utecht, from Thinking Stick can do too (he's also showing).
    Jukes spoken a large amount on games together with their have an effect on kids. He urged us to look for these games, that can be played these kids and also to get our started by kids. They're hardwiring themselves with the technologies. We should must make us going for this.
    Side note: Have loved this situation of Slam Poetry by Taylor Mali, identified as That of a Teacher Makes, mainly because it was offered to me within the workshop last summer. Attributable to Julie Lindsay for locating the YouTube clip and discussing. It's much more effective just like web video when compared with the audio clip format I'd. I favor it very much, it on my small sidebar that could live there a while. Enjoy.
    Archive for jukes
    One awesome random fact with regard to the conference wife designed the skill. She almost definitely kill me for telling people, having said that i very proud, she had liberating of design.
    In addition to being as well as can we reinvent schools to focus on thinking abilities instead of just Who makes this call and in what way will they ensure that it is with majority teacher, parent, and administrative groups who are stuck in 1960 educational needs and successes?
    Is the overstepping my bounds? Possibly. However the need has a tendency to strong to disregard. Education really it seems to become failing kids. They search to get learning no matter the us, avoid us. Maybe that a lot harsh, even so i liken it to qualify for the complete opposite of wikipedia. Wikipedia is accurate around the macrolevel, but be inaccurate at the micro. It's my opinion that real learning may are employed in individual rooms with individual instructors, but we're failing totally surrounding the schoolwide educationasawhole level in planning kids for futures needing twenty-first century abilities. (raving about which, I attended a workshop on these abilities that set us back on continue more than anything else I seen presentation is robust presentation whenever it isn good Until I am up as well as showing myself simply because forum, I I would not judge).
    Searching toward striking Shaun training programs while in the future.
    We are attending the EARCOS ETC conference in Bangkok, beginning tomorrow and running together with the weekend. At the moment there will turned into a deal with technology because you will choose a a number of quality presentations happening regarding twenty-first century learning abilities as well as techfocused subjects. Ian Jukes is among keynote loudspeakers and we're also attending a preconference session with him.
    I saw many different Ian Jukes now. As well as the message is clear. Change is here now is fast (exponential) and finding faster. And predicting the future? Impossible. Everything that does so that people today? Meaning that individuals need schools being different. I haven had own class in the months and i do consider the way i do things in another way basically were throughout the class again. But my necessity for improvement in education is increased now. Simply because techguy, goods generally belong to my umbrella for change. So really have to observe to convince a curriculum office to dump content and adopt thinking abilities, a university to supply me inside lesson planning, in addition to an administration to utilize and evaluate various other readiness to sit in these ideas modify precisely how schools work.
    Day 2 belonging to the conference introduced us another wonderful student keynote who spoke inside the Chinese tale out of the Frog within Well. The frog just has a fixed see heaven because of the top well, and until she's moved and proven the genuine character of products, her horizons and her perspective are not transformed. A brilliant beginning of from for instructors to find as well as to consider worldwide education.
    Great start the conference.
    I attended two periods by Ian Jukes today. He spoke all around the exponential occasions we frequent. Change is inevitable, but towards the point it's almost incomprehensive. The exact amount that access, processing energy, information, and bio and nanotechnology will infuse our everyday life around the coming (soon) years is crazy.
    Fortunately, I'm spoiled. I take advantage of a forward thinking leader friend and will be registered with by another within your ES. I saw many faces from my school for the various Jukes periods. The tide could start altering at ISB and i believe which we who're interested really is as good a place to begin every. Let be aware of the quantity hit school on Monday seeking to be devoted.
    Then, the ever dynamic, Ian Jukes came onto speak. With excellent supporting pictures, Ian spoke throughout the dire necessity for our schools to handle the thinking abilities forced to prepare students for everybody with you that outdoors of your personal practice has transformed and it's also constantly on the change so quickly. Great quote from Woodrow Wilson, advisable to maneuver a graveyard, rather than to alter a curriculum. He an extraordinary terrific point among the first difficulty is the factthat the change we coping is quiet difficult to be aware of custom-made for you . complicated to create our very own changes when we're how to handle the via the urgent. today fluctuate Jukes spoke that your visual cortex inside the mental faculties are bigger, more developed than kids of 18 years ago. he referred to as them, stating two Time Magazine articles. Oddly enough, he talked about exactly how current research tends to point the brain still change and work out new connections. However brain needs regular coming in contact with the for making this modification. The same holds true this have implications on our schools? (rhetorical)

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