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Discussion in 'Trash Bin' started by shenaucjjl, Jul 17, 2013.

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    The Heterogeneous System Architecture is AMD's intiative to permit software to consume benefit from the combined CPU and GPU assets given by chips like its Aseries APUs, and therefore the other large title signed on in support now. Qualcomm has become a member the HSA Foundation just like Founder member. Within your finish of August, the HSA group also welcomed Samsung into its Founder fold, including ARM, Imagination Technologies, MediaTek, and Texas Instruments. In the event the graphic around the perimeter of HSA web site is correct, just one Founder slot remains.
    AMD comprises of a distinct edge on Apple inside of the graphics department. With GPUaccelerated programs rare, the payback is restricted largely to games. Through efforts like Project Sumatra, OpenCL, and HSA, AMD needs the capacity to convince more designers to capture regarding the graphics horsepower health of their APUs. Today i want to hope it doesn't take too lengthy.
    AMD has partnered with Oracle to on Project Sumatra, a great deal because of the OpenJDK community to understand more about how Java could possibly be faster by graphics processors. The actual will investigate adapting as well as the Java virtual machine, even so the APIs as nicely language itself. Here are snippet within official news release:
    "Re-inifocing our intends to lead for your OpenJDK Project signifies phase 2 towards getting heterogeneous computing to countless Java designers and should potentially set off future developments newest hardware models, combined with server and cloud programming paradigms," stated Manju Hegde, corporate v . p ., Heterogeneous Programs and Developer Solutions at AMD. "AMD carries with it an established good collaboration with opensoftware development towns from OpenCL at the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation, within this initiative we'll help further introducing graphics acceleration at the Java community."
    AMD teams with Oracle on Java acceleration

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