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Discussion in 'Trash Bin' started by shenaywinn, Jul 17, 2013.

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    New 45 watt desktop energyefficient processors further AMD persistence for enable classified solutions and develop lower wattage partsToday, AMD (London stock exchange: AMD) introduced several new energyefficient desktop processors constructed to reduce energy consumption for greater performanceperwatt. These processors can provide additional decision for system contractors and OEMs searching to differentiate their goods and put up clients with lownoise, lowheat system designs.
    Energyefficient processors from AMD may decrease the measure of energy Computers consume, therefore lowering connected cooling needs and therefore the total price and health of their operation.
    The performance of AMD energyefficient processors is required to be similar those of equally build solutions, though with reduced energy consumption. AMD Athlon X2 BE2400 (2.3GHz/45W) listed at $104
    AMD Releases New 45W Desktop Processors
    Improvements towards AMD Athlon X2 dualcore processor improve multitasking performance for energyefficient systems. Delivering top notch and quiet operation, these processors are ideal for work, class, or home.

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