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Discussion in 'Trash Bin' started by shenaucjjl, Jul 17, 2013.

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    In a very lengthy while, certainly one of my very own personal pet peeves has become the strategies which AMD handles CrossFireX profiles. While transparent to players, the fashion that profiles were handled in ATI Catalyst was stiffer as compared with system used by NVIDIA SLI. Note the real key word there, "was." AMD is making some changes that finally catches an eye on NVIDIA.
    The reason it is a situation is mainly because previously, the CrossFireX profiles are generally certain to the specific driver itself. Therefore, you might only receive CrossFireX profile updates applying the monthly driver updates. It's not how NVIDIA SLI profiles work, for the most while now NVIDIA has been doing it another and way. This allows you to definitely use and with hand edit the profiles, and yes it gives NVIDIA some versatility.
    One great commitment that AMD appears to have been successful in, is monthly ATI Catalyst Software Suite updates. Month to month you can easlily wager on employing a new WHQL Catalyst driver on the AMD GPU based hardware. Remember that it is great, possesses exercised extremely well for players. Even though this is great, having a significant fast delivery of latest software motorists, still it isn frequent enough to trap as regularly as game releases.
    One of the fundamental problems is it really needs time to control up a completely new driver release and wait on Microsoft WHQL certification. Every single latest driver is prepared, there could tend to be, or soon in the coming years, game releases that were not examined when using the driver. Which means CrossFireX profiles lag well behind game releases, and players finish up required to wait each or over almost any driver update to make money employing their CrossFireX configuration.
    Within a fell swoop, AMD has clarified two major issues with CrossFireX. They separated CrossFireX profiles at the driver plus they are supplying a method to update individuals profiles between driver updates!
    Well, finally, AMD has trapped to the method and recognized here is the much better service things. Catalyst 10.2 removes the CrossFireX profiles within the driver and moves them suitable XML file. However, it should be noted the XML file seriously isn't slip on the hard disk anywhere like NVIDIA SLI profiles. Since its introduction, these profiles on NVIDIA's website have proven to be up-to-date four occasions. The newest one being this update. This way, AMD stays in let you also recieve profile only updates between driver releases. This EXE file is exceedingly small, just couple hundred kilobytes. Upon running this EXE file, your whole collection of game profiles s going to be up-to-date in to the latest provided by AMD. Provide AMD to produce new profiles as new games are examined and new profiles are up-to-date without you needing to wait for an later driver release!
    Give consideration to screenshots of methods this tends to look. You simply install technology driver particularly usual, and the driver always is comprised of the modern profiles too. Basically while in the following screenshots it updates very easy, without the reboot is important.
    For those who thought AMD current domination for the game playing experience ended utilizing the entire selection of this DX11 Radeon HD 5000 series being launched, you be completely mistaken. The hardware that forces our games is certainly not with out software to operate a vehicle it. AMD is dedicated to improving gameplay experience and giving players and hardware fanatics you will the require.
    You can get another neat enhancements in Catalyst 10.2 which affect CrossFireX. AMD will employ ATI PowerPlay technology to CrossFireX designs. This can easily allow lower energy utilization while at idle. This is successfully done by downclocking the secondary (or extra) GPUs and memory clocks to very much 'abnormal' amounts plus reduces currents, to allow low energy states in multipleGPU designs while at idle. In 3d images, all GPUs will begin lifetime gear, but during Desktop mode, other GPUs other than the primary, perseverence lower.
    There was several features that players have been completely demanding for quite now, and AMD is responding to the cry of players everywhere by presenting a few new features with their motorists that directly benefit players and might increase game play experience.
    You will see and a the amount of other enhancements in Catalyst 10.2 and Catalyst 10.3 which could benefit both players and HTPC customers. Catalyst 10.2 will be released today, Feb 17th. Catalyst 10.3 is released in March integrated into AMD's monthly driver updates. You can see the latest features in Catalyst 10.2 but more features place in Catalyst 10.3. We'll break lower what's new atlanta divorce attorneys driver, as well as what therefore for you.
    Another major feature that players might be crying for because growth and development of ATI Eyefinity in September of 2009, is Bezel Management. We're finally extremely happy claim that AMD has handled this feature, and you'll be supplying it in Catalyst 10.3 to grow launched in March. The preview driver we're using today is Catalyst 10.3 and we'll demonstrate the right way to setup Bezel Management as well as what it will now do to suit your needs in games.
    AMD's ATI Catalyst 10

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