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Metro 2033

Discussion in 'Games' started by Mauro Bruno, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Mauro Bruno

    Mauro Bruno Sun Staff Member


    "Our heritage, our future, how much power is here. With all of this we'll rule the Earth once more! We won't have to live like rats, with sword and fire, we'll win back the sky and the sun! We can climb out of the dirt, rebuild the cities and the Metro tunnels will be once again filled with fast silver trains"

    "You heard about survival of the fittest? Guess what? We lost!"

    "If it's hostile, you kill it."
  2. manfroze

    manfroze The Fisherman of Reality Staff Member

  3. Mauro Bruno

    Mauro Bruno Sun Staff Member

    C'è Metro 2033 a 2,49 €. Ban a chi non lo compra.

    Also, sì, nelle prossime ore farò un post in merito. Intanto poppate dalle tette dell'attesa (?)
  4. Ai Haibara

    Ai Haibara Enlisted Sailor

    Ho giusto notato un paio d'ore fa, purtroppo mi farebbe paurissima e il mio computer sopporterebbe a stento la potenza grafica, se non si rifiutasse direttamente di farlo partire (come mi era successo con Bioshock 2)

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