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[MLP] 34.2

Discussion in 'Cinema & Television' started by Mauro Bruno, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Mauro Bruno

    Mauro Bruno Sun Staff Member

    (also known as Rule 85)

    If it exists, there's a pony of it.

    Pony crossovers thread

  2. AlessioMaria

    AlessioMaria Enlisted Sailor

    Nessuno parla dei My Little Pony... E' uno scandalo, carissimo Magister! Sappiate che, tutti coloro che diserteranno questo thread, saranno perseguitati vita natural durante da questa canzone:

    "She’s an evil enchantress
    She does evil dances
    If you look into her eyes
    She’ll put you in trances
    Then what will she do?
    She’ll mix up an evil brew
    And she’ll gobble you up!
    In a big tasty stew
    WATCH OUT!!!"
  3. Mauro Bruno

    Mauro Bruno Sun Staff Member

  4. Dr. Alec

    Dr. Alec Enlisted Sailor

    Mauro, ti odio.
  5. CehZ

    CehZ Enlisted Sailor

  6. Eleean

    Eleean Orribile Mod Alieno Staff Member


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