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GAME The Metagame - An exercise in futility, english and deferred roleplaying.

Discussion in 'The Everywhere' started by Matsor Browncoat, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Matsor Browncoat

    Matsor Browncoat Chunky Admiral of the Fleet Staff Member

    The Metagame

    [SIZE=3]Pitch black room[/SIZE]

    A squeaky voice rumbles slowly through the room - "Hello, my dear guests!"
    You suddenly snap awake and your head is killing you. Did you go out drinking last night? You can't remember. As your head starts clearing you hear the voice that woke you.
    "Would you like to play a game? I think I would."
    You realize you are sitting upright in a chair that isn't yours, in a room you can't recognize. A wave of panic washes over you as you try to stand up. You can't move and as you try to shake the chair off you the speakers spout more of that eerie synthetic voice.
    "I can see the effects of the tranquillizers are starting to wear off. You meat-bags are so easily manipulated."
    You are shackled to your unforgiving throne, immobilized. You start looking around, becoming aware of your surroundings as your eyes get used to the darkness. A tiny light comes from what you can only guess is a surveillance camera mounted to the wall in front of you.
    You hear a loud groan to your left. Whipping your head around you see the silhouette of another person and quickly realize there are others shackled to chairs just like yours. They are all awake and fumbling with their chains.
    "Now, now, keep calm and let the fun begin!"

    [SIZE=1]Current players:[/SIZE]

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    If you want to take part, please read the overview over at the Rules and Regulations thread and create your characters in this thread.

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