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The Metagame - Rules and Regulations

Discussion in 'The Everywhere' started by Matsor Browncoat, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Matsor Browncoat

    Matsor Browncoat Chunky Admiral of the Fleet Staff Member

    The Metagame
    [SIZE=5]Rules and Regulations[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=4]How does it work?[/SIZE]

    The Game Master (in this instance that's me) posts a situation the players are in. The players then post their actions, according to the conditions the master has set. The GM then rolls for the actions' results, and writes them out. Then the players post actions again, ad infinitum.

    [SIZE=4]What's the set-up?[/SIZE]

    The basic premise is that the players are playing characters in the real world (Meta World) that are themselves playing characters in a fantasy world (Game World). The players must proceed with their characters' characters through the Game World while also dealing with complications and situations happening in the Meta World to their characters.

    [SIZE=5]Basic Rules[/SIZE]

    The action results are defined by a six-sided die roll:

    [1] Epic Fail
    - Your efforts have only worsened your situation.
    [2] Fail - Your skills or luck were insufficient.
    [3] Meager Result - The situation didn't improve by as much as you had intended but they didn't worsen either.
    [4] Success - Your efforts were sufficient to achieve your goal.
    [5] Epic Success - Your skills and luck have combined to ensure your success.
    [6] Overshot - Your efforts were more effective than required for the goal's completion, and your luck is such that unfortunate side-effects are inevitable.​

    If at any time something threatens a player, that player makes a roll to avoid the threat.

    For each action, any number of rolls may be made, as determined by the GM. Primary causes for multiple rolls include, but are not limited to:

    • Actions explicitly composed of multiple actions.
    • Actions that imply other actions that are not declared free.

    For every individual roll, any number of additional rolls may be made, as determined by circumstances, and any skill or special effect applied to the player at the moment.
    Each successive action roll during a turn, unless it is a defence or a response roll against an object or character, will get a -1 penalty.

    Additional effects may include:

    [*]If Stunned, Dazed or otherwise Slowed, the character receives a temporary penalty to overall or individual rolls. These penalties last until the next action is resolved, and in any case are removed at the end of the player's turn.
    [*]If under a long-term effect that has the potential to alter itself, like Poison, the player gets an Effect Resistance roll immediately after the action is resolved to determine the spread and consequences of the effect.
    [*]If Unconscious, whatever penalty the character receives will not reduce any rolls below 2, unless stated otherwise or so rolled.
    [*]If a character receives a mortal wound but is not killed outright, he needs to pass a roll to avoid Death at the end of every turn. Standard penalties apply. Only Fail and Epic Fail results count as bad rolls.
    All other effects and circumstances not described here will be resolved by the Game Master.

    Each player gets 2 actions per turn: one action applies to his character in the Meta World, and one action applies to his character's character in the Game World.

    [SIZE=4]Helping and Hindering[/SIZE]

    You can spend your turn to help another player or an enemy achieve his goal. If your roll is higher, it is taken as the roll for the action.
    You can also spend your turn to botch another player's or an enemy's action. If your roll is higher, its opposite is taken as the roll for the action.

    [SIZE=4]Injury and Death[/SIZE]

    When you are injured in combat or through other circumstances one or more of the following effects may apply:

    [*]Light Bleeding - 10 Recovery points.
    [*]Fracture - 20 Recovery points.
    [*]Heavy Bleeding - 20 Recovery points.
    [*]Paralysed Limb - 40 Recovery points.
    [*]Very Heavy Bleeding - 50 Recovery points.
    [*]Broken Limb - 60 Recovery points.
    [*]Missing Limb - Never heals on its own.
    Some additional effects may be applied under special circumstances:

    [*]Pierced Deep Tissue - Additional 5 Recovery points.
    [*]Stuck Object - Additional 10 Recovery points.
    [*]Severed Nerve - Additional 15 Recovery points.
    [*]Respiratory Complications - Additional 20 Recovery points.
    [*]Circulatory Complications - Additional 25 Recovery points.
    [*]Brain Damage - Additional 30 Recovery points.
    A healing roll is made at the end of each turn for every injury sustained or other injury related effects; the result is added to the Recovery points necessary to negate the wound. Receiving professional medical attention gives a one time per injury increase of 20 Recovery point and applies a +1 bonus to all subsequent healing rolls for that wound.

    Characters can die and death is permanent, unless otherwise stated or rolled. If one's Game World character dies a new one must be promptly created.

    [SIZE=5]Character Creation[/SIZE]

    Each player is required to create 2 characters; one character will operate in the Meta World in a contemporary semi-realistic setting, the other will travel the Fantasy World instead and will be subject to general fantasy/medieval RPG situations.
    Necessary and sufficient information for both characters are:

    [*]Name - Character name. Each player is allowed free reign here, no limitations.
    [*]Occupation - The former or current occupation of the character; for the Meta Character this should be a real life job, career or hobby while for the Game one it should be a medievalish RPGish one.
    [*]Personality and Appearance - Completely optional but it may shape the character and help you roleplay along.
    These details will provide a basis to define a +1 bonus to one type of rolls, a -1 penalty to another and a special skill for your characters. You can make suggestions about these but they will be subject to GM approval, abuse and general denigration.

    After the set-up one would roughly end up with a Meta/Game character combination similar to the following:

    [INDENT][SIZE=2]Meta World[/SIZE][/INDENT]
    [METACHARACTER][METANAME="Obregon Testudo"]Testador Testando[/METANAME][METADETAIL="Professional Toreador"]His long, black hairdo is matched in greatness only by his ego. And he wields both with great mastery.[/METADETAIL][METAIM][/METAIM][METAWOUNDSWRAP][WDET="Broken while jumping off a very tall bull. You are very dizzy."]Broken Skull (Brain Damage)[/WDET][WVAL="75"]90[/WVAL][WDET="The splinter of a picador lance got you right in the cheek, and it's still stuck there."]Light Bleeding on the Cheek (Stuck Object)[/WDET][WVAL="16"]30[/WVAL][WDET="A bruise you got while fighting your last bull."]Bruised Hand[/WDET][WVAL="10"]10[/WVAL][WDET="Lost a long, long time ago. You eventually learned to cope with prosthesis and managed to continue fighting bulls."]Missing Leg[/WDET][WVAL="-1"]100[/WVAL][/METAWOUNDSWRAP][METAINVENTORYWRAP][IDET="It allows you to communicate with other players, as well as type in commands to control your Game Character."]Communication Screen[/IDET][IVAL="6"]6[/IVAL][IDET="It explodes. Scary!"]Explosive Collar[/IDET][IVAL="6"]6[/IVAL][IDET="It's tweed, and it itches."]Standard Jumpsuit[/IDET][IVAL="2"]6[/IVAL][/METAINVENTORYWRAP][METAABILITIESWRAP][ADET="You possess supernatural agility; +1 to all rolls involving acrobatic manoeuvres."]Dexterous Dexterity[/ADET][AVAL]3[/AVAL][ADET="You really don't like helping others; all actions that do not directly benefit you get a -1 penalty."]Narcissistic Impasse[/ADET][AVAL]0[/AVAL][ADET="You can get a +2 bonus to any jump-like action at will.[HR][/HR]Takes 2 turns to recharge."]Double Jump[/ADET][AVAL]2[/AVAL][/METAABILITIESWRAP][METASTATUS]Sitting around, looking pretty.[/METASTATUS][/METACHARACTER]

    [INDENT][SIZE=2]Game World[/SIZE][/INDENT]
    [GAMECHARACTER][GAMENAME="Obregon Testudo"]Trilobatar Tarfuga[/GAMENAME][GAMEDETAIL="Dethroned Empress"]In her majestic tower she grew complacent until one day her brother tried to assassinate her during a struggle for power among local politicians. Now she travels the streets in poverty, hiding from her brother's guards and mercenaries. She hasn't forgotten her rightful place, her birthright. And she hasn't forgiven those that sent forced her to the slums.[/GAMEDETAIL][GAMEIM][/GAMEIM][GAMEWOUNDSWRAP][NOWOUNDS][/NOWOUNDS][/GAMEWOUNDSWRAP][GAMEINVENTORYWRAP][IDET="They hide your face in shadow. Also, they are quite warm."]Torn Hooded Robes[/IDET][IVAL="3"]6[/IVAL][IDET="Your father gave this to you the day he died. Better not show this to the wrong people, it may get you in trouble with the guards."]Imperial Signet[/IDET][IVAL="5"]6[/IVAL][/GAMEINVENTORYWRAP][GAMEABILITIESWRAP][ADET="You possess the demeanor to pass as an authoritative figure; you get a +1 bonus to all intimidation and corruption rolls."]Authority Figure[/ADET][AVAL]3[/AVAL][ADET="You have been betrayed many times, but no more; if a roll requires you to trust or be trusted by someone you get a -1 penalty."]Misplaced Loyalties[/ADET][AVAL]0[/AVAL][ADET="Whenever you are hidden (usually after a successful roll or through circustance) you can activate this ability and gain a +2 bonus to one subsequent action up to a roll value of 6.[HR][/HR]Takes 3 turns to recharge."]Hidden Grace[/ADET][AVAL]2[/AVAL][/GAMEABILITIESWRAP][GAMESTATUS]Showing rightful contempt to the bartender, the lowlife scumbag he is.[/GAMESTATUS][/GAMECHARACTER]

    [SIZE=5]Goals and Objectives[/SIZE]

    A player's first and most obvious goal is to survive, keep calm and carry on. Other objectives may be specified explicitly or hinted at during play. His Game Character's objective is to follow the campaign goals and try to complete the game.

    [SIZE=5]Questions and Answers[/SIZE]

    Specific questions about rules and controversies will be answered in this thread, and discussions about the game itself will take place here too. There are 6 initial spots for the game (to see how it pans out), so head over to the main game thread and take part in the adventure!
  2. Matsor Browncoat

    Matsor Browncoat Chunky Admiral of the Fleet Staff Member

    Since noone joined (possibly because of AUGUST and hopefully someone will at a later date), I took the time to rework character displays to make them a little prettier. Hopefully they work fine.

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